Natural (chorline free) Hot Tub Cleaner for Sensitive Skin

There are many ways to treat hot tub water and in the past most processes like chlorine and bromine are very harsh and break down the structure of the water, and water cannot recover whatever additive or minerals you use to soften it with.

Water in it's natural environment recovers and balances itself from minerals in rocks that it runs over in streams, while Lotus Fresh is a very natural chemical for hot tubs and balances naturally.

This makes it even more important that the harsh parts that upset water balance and make PH aggressive high or low are removed by Lotus Fresh - which is a natural hot tub cleaner.

Lotus Fresh separates the other parts including bacteria and viruses from the water, they are trapped in the hot tub filter and washed out by you during weekly filter cleaning maintenance.

It's like having spring water in your hot tub
With no need to change it every 3 months!

This saves several ££ pounds on lots of chemical additives and cleaners you buy each year and often waste as they don't get used enough and go hard or out of date in the pot.

Biofilm and the bacteria in it are resistant to chlorine and are not removed by chlorine. Biofilm is the food source for bacteria and Lotus Fresh will attack the biofilm and remove it from the plumbing, leaving a slight lemon fragrance and pure clean non-chlorine water.

Lotus Fresh is a natural hot tub cleaner a non-chlorine cleaning solution and is also perfect as a hot tub chemical for sensitive skin.

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