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Caldera are known in the bigger hot tub markets like the USA as a market leader, with a build quality like no other, plus reliability and smooth running massage pumps that you don't notice, but that belies the powerful water massage and carefully placed water jets, all learnt through 38 years of customer feed back and expert design.

Caldera, as a brand, are part of Watkins Manufacturing, a spa producer now on 1 million hot tubs made and sold world wide, with their owners are a fortune 500 company, this ensures a well developed and researched product for you to enjoy. As a result you can rely on their years of experience to produce a hot tub you can trust - you don't have to visit 20 spa showrooms, spend evenings on the internet with limited knowledge trying to unravel the sales speak, being misled by spa trade terminology and can you get a straight answer from any salesman. Caldera have to stand up there as the market leader on technology, energy efficiency and value for money, the brand and product range have to give you what you need, in the USA someone on their fifth hot tub knows what to expect, that is the customer that knows Caldera is good enough for his hard earned money.

At Dorset hot tubs we have sold Caldera hot tubs from the top of the range Cantabria to the value for money Vacanza range shown on these pages, we often sell the Marino model to high end house developers, at £6,295 it looks like a high end £8000 spa, which is what they want to wow their home buying clients. Of all the hot tubs we have sold they are the most pleasing to the eye and suit all surroundings whether landscaped or a flat patio area, you have all the good water filtration features and advantage of spa frog auto chemical system, which uses minerals to soften and balance the water and Bromine in a low level to sanitize the water, always safe for your family and friends, Spa frog will look after the spa for weeks while you are away or to busy to worry about your hot tub, it's a self managing system and low cost to run.

The Caldera range of hot tubs have all the features you may have seen and tried on any brand, but with very advanced and developed heating and filtering systems, the seats and massage are expert designed, the internal size of the hot tub is maximised though clever seat molding to give you maximum seat positions and different massage stations and the large foot well comes from advanced plumbing design allowing the seats to be set back into the spa frame.

All of this advanced design ensures that you can be safe in knowing you own the best hot tub available for your budget, the 6 seat Calder Palatino and Marino are excellent value in the £6-6,995 range - look at the complete Caldera range if you need larger or more advance water care hot tubs with surround sound, go to www.calderaspas.co.uk and see the official factory web site, we sell the full range and have all models out in customer use, we can guide you on how best to choose your hot tub, our showroom is open Tues- Sat so you can view hot tubs and spend as long as you need chatting about them and trying them for size.

Caldera Range

Caldera Spas range from £4,495 to £15,995 inc VAT.

Caldera Palatino Hot Tub



Caldera Marino Hot Tub



Caldera Makena Hot Tub



Caldera Cantabria Hot Tub



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