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Dorset Hot Tubs has been selling and distributing hot tubs all over the UK for over 15 years. Our prices are factory direct, there is no middle importer, we are the importer and retailer, with the range of hot tubs shipped from their Canadian factory / warehouse stock in weeks, our hot tubs stock is kept near Southampton port for easy low cost delivery in the UK and mainly South by our home delivery crews.

The Lazboy and Home hot tubs electronics are Balboa, USA made and the Lazboy spas are Canadian built using very modern unibody technique, 6 x stronger steel frame making a very rigid and economical hot tub main body, a big step forward over wood framed hot tubs that rot out in 5 years. Please ask us more about this as this newer process means a longer life for the hot tub in your garden. (Aqua spring, Home hot tubs have a stainless steel frame).

As with any consumer product you always have concerns about the life of your purchase and its running and maintenance costs - Lazboy spas have been making hot tubs for 30 years, they only use the most reliable Balboa electronics and the hot tub build & equipment has one of the longest warranties in the industry. The running cost of the hot tubs is approximately £30 per month for average use and they are rated on the California state website for good efficiency, all Lazboy hot tubs are CE approved and have the toughest fit for purpose TUV German manufacturing standard.

All of our hot tubs have Nordic heat lock insulation, to keep heat in and cost down.

The factory build in the 24hr filtering system as a special feature for our range of hot tubs. The 60 watt dedicated filter pump keeps the water cleaner than part filtration spas that only filter for a few hours a day, the small filter pump filters 24 hours a day with the ozone generator running also 24 hours a day, if you see more about ozone on our pages here or on other Ozone water treatment sites, you will soon realise Ozone is a win/win feature, you can use low chem products, no need for chlorine, Ozone will kill any germs in the water and oxidise out any organic matter from the water from bather use, cosmetics, detergents from swim ware cutting chemical use 60% or more.

See Lotus clean water care system here on our site, no nasty chlorine chem's ever >

Our range of hot tubs, as well as being very well built and economical to run, have many other features such as:

The range of "Home Hot Tubs" Aqua spring spas you see here are in stock in our UK warehouse for immediate delivery, special colour / spec order is 4-6 week factory delivery, which is ideal for you to organise your spa area at home and get the electrics in place, if you need faster delivery please check our in stock models shown on these pages for immediate delivery.

Find out more at www.lazboyhottubs.com

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