The Caldera range of hot tubs are built in the factory with the harsh Canadian and North American climate in mind, so a Caldera hot tub is a modern Eco machine that uses heat and insulation qualities seen in the modern home, the heat lock cabinet uses heat retention and silver foil heat reflective barriers to hold the heat generated by the heater and pumps inside the cabinet and uses slow air migration around the inside of the cabinet to make sure all of the heat created sinks back into the spa water. [click here for diagram]

The 24/7 water filtration system on the Caldera Premium series uses a water filtration system normally only seen on the most expensive hot tubs, a little energy runs a 24/7 filter pump drawing used spa water through large clean filters for heating and then through the CD ozone mix chamber where 98% of bacteria and organic particles not caught by the filters are zapped out of the water, returning pure water to your spa, you only need to use low chemical sanitizers in your hot tub, forget needing harsh chemicals of other spa brands.

The Caldera Premium Cantabria has some unique advanced hydro massage treats for you [see types of massage], giving a massage you could only experience only from a professional masseuse.

TThe variable control massage pump can be set from 1-3, not wasting energy like the all or nothing single setting of most hot tubs, but to take things further, the massage control also gives 6 different 15 minuet program massages patterns and the water jets change pressure on your body like a real massage would. You really have to ask us for a showroom demonstration before you consider a hot tub purchase - it is a massage only our customers can experience, the single massage seat is like using 6 different hot tubs seats without you moving out of your, very comfortable, UltraMassage lounge seat

Caldera and Garden Leisure use the highest level of spa control pack on the premium range, the Depot pack with heater is beyond electronics seen any where in the home, the depot pack electronics look aircraft grade, this can only mean peace of mind for you, complex well built modern strong electronics will give you the luxury of knowing your spa is always there working for you ready for your relaxing time in your spa.

Both the Caldera and Garden leisure range of hot tubs have a mood setting LED light system, multi colour underwater light, with multi colour above water lit controls water fountains and drinks holders on the new Utopia range and above water surround lights on the Paradise range, subtle and relaxing or change setting for party time.

There are different levels of audio, from MP3/iPod dock with surround sound and subwoofer base unit, factory fitted on your spa or dealer fitted at any time you own your spa, with your Caldera spa being so smooth and quite your don't have to scare the neighbours with your music choice.

The surround sound keeps your music in the spa area, unless you flip out the patio speakers, ideal for when you have garden hot tub parties in the summer.

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