Lazboy Revive Spa

Lazboy Revive Spa
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The Revive is a good sized family spa. It has a large foot area with 6 seats, the lounge gives a very good massage, with 4 other high spec massage seats, one with the largest neck massage jets. The Revive has 2 massage pumps, whisper quite and smooth, 53 all active comfort chrome massage jets. LED multicolor underwater light, above water surround lights and lit water fall, subtle and relaxing, unless you turn the party lights on, but what a super buy, we call it the Lazboy super spec range, so much for a low price. Eco spa energy saves pennies per day, with the heat lock Therma zone cabinet keeping the heat in.

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The Eco filter pump runs 24/7, that's its only function, to draw used spa water through the large clean filters, to be heated and then to the CD ozone mix chamber, this kills and zaps 98% of bacteria and organic particles in the water, returning pure clean water to the spa, so you can just use a low level sanitizer like Lotus Fresh, therefore no need for harsh chemicals.

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