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While you search for your new hot tub you will be told many stories about running costs! We have been selling hot tubs for 14 years and therefore seen all types and brands of spa heat and filter equipment, so we hope the following information helps you.

How much does it cost to run a spa?

Any hot tub over 5 years old will cost £50 or more a month in electricity and be very reliant on a chemical filter system costing another £200 a year or more, water balance will also be harder to keep maintained.

Things have moved on now...

...and due to high energy costs, the quality producers like Sunrise have improved their hot tub insulation, using a heat lock system trapping all the heat in the cabinet, Sunrise spas only fit 24hr 60 watt dedicated heat / filter pumps with CD ozone. [Click here for diagram] This means your Sunrise spa will filter clear pure water 24/7 so 60% less chemicals, with heat lock and 60 watt 24/7 filtration and heating, Sunrise spas use about £20 a month electric summer time and about £30 a month winter time with average use - and there are other ways to reduce running cost in winter time which we can explain to you.

With 24/7 filtering you use 60% less chemicals and non chlorine chemicals too, because the small 60 watt pump runs day and night it can filter out any particles in the water and then the injection of CD ozone into the water kills 99% of all germs, needing much less chemicals - about £100 per year and non-chlorine, we can recommend many low cost non-chlorine pure water systems.

If you buy any spa with a filtering system using the low speed of the massage pump, which covers most hot tubs under £8000, filtering 4 or 6 hours a day (and even if ozone is fitted it has little effect in four hours), you will be paying much more than £30 a month for electric and over £200 a year on the chemicals as it relies on one or two small filters and most of the time the water is not filtered, water just sits there stagnant after bathers have left the spa, whereas the Sunrise system is zapping anything in the water straight away and does so 24/7, so the water is clear and pure next time you want to relax and bathe.

So in conclusion, only a 24/7 and 60 watt filter/heat dedicated pump offers low chemical use and £20 a month on electric use, and of course clear pure water.

Any spa WITHOUT a small dedicated 24/7 filter heat pump will cost a lot more to heat and run, but worst of all need up to 60% more chlorine and you only have occasional clean water, but will need constant upkeep solving water clarity issues, it is quite likely to have a much higher chance of germs and the like left from the last bathers.

Come to our showroom and see the demo 24/7 heat/filter system in action, you will soon understand what Sunrise spas have that other hot tubs do not.

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