Hot Tub Water Use

You really do not need to worry about the cost of the water for your hot tub if you are on a meter, most of our spas use about 1500-1700 litters every time you fill up, so calculating the cost at about 88p for every 1000 litres that is only £1.50 every time you completely fill your hot tub.

If you want to save water, using the 24/7 filter system fitted to every Sunrise hot tub and using low/non-chlorine chemicals, you will need to change the spa's water around every 6 to 9 months, depending on the actual bather load and usage of the spa of course. But still that is a saving of 1000's of litres a year.

For any spa running WITHOUT 24/7 filtering you will need to change water more frequently, around every 2 to 3 months, because the chemicals upset the water balance in the end and the filtering system is not good enough to cope. So that will be wasting 1000's of litres of water a year, so effectively money down the drain along with the water!

There are so many reasons why you really must have a 24/7 filtering Sunrise Spa, with a 60 watt low energy filter/heat pump. It is our choice to save money and choose ECO built Sunrise hot tubs with heat lock Eco insulation, save money and water, come and see the demo unit at our showroom, you will soon understand.

Caldera Range

Caldera Spas range from £4,495 to £15,995 inc VAT.

Caldera Palatino Hot Tub



Caldera Marino Hot Tub



Caldera Makena Hot Tub



Caldera Cantabria Hot Tub



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