Why Caldera Spas

The Caldera brand is recognised the world over for quality built hot tubs in the USA, they are a true home success story and are known by their massive warehouse stores in every town and state, Watkins manufacturing are the largest world wide hot tub producer, based in North America. The design philosophy has been to look at the function and use of the hot tub by the consumer rather than add features that are rarely used but good sales bells and whistles.

The look of a Caldera hot tub is clean and uncluttered, a look for any home, very modern for the designer home, very classic for the country home and very stylish for the town home, the American build quality is high and for much harsher climates than the UK, the heating and insulation are easily capable in the UK moderate conditions, heating is only automatically switched on when the water temperature falls half a degree of that set on the spa control in one easy push, the insulation is the most eco up to date specification heat lock system, so the heat from the water and the massage pumps is trapped in the cabinet meaning your spa heater rarely needs to come on, typically pennies per day.

Water Quality & Peace Of Mind

In our experience over the years the key feature for most hot tub buyers is the water quantity in the hot tub, you as the consumer are busy, you want the luxury of coming to your spa to find clean inviting water to relax in, that perfect massage temperature on a winters day. Caldera include on the Premium range 24/7 filtration, a tiny amount of energy runs a small filter pump, drawing the spa water past the large and clean 100 sq foot filters, past the heater and then it is injected with cleansing ozone, from there a state of the art Corona discharge ozone generator and the mixing chamber filter the clean water back into the spa. This basically means 98% of bacteria and organic particles are zapped to be filtered out of the sparkling water. This high end system also allows the use of super low chemical water purification products likee Lotus Fresh, who wants harsh chemicals upsetting the spa water and sensitive skin.

Being quiet is relaxing too, on your Caldera hot tub enjoy the smooth quite hydro massage, the massage pumps are quite, very powerful and on the Premier range you are in control, if you want 20% power turn the control down, save energy, hear you friends in conversation while having a relaxing massage, not like most spas, where it is all or nothing. If you need full power turn it up to 100% for a few minuets and really knock the tension out of those muscles and joints.

Caldera Guarantee

The final reason to buy Caldera is the guarantee, it doesn't matter which dealer you buy from, you buy into the safe Caldera brand - very high design and build quality. Caldera make sure every detail is tested and always works, if there is a small fault one day, feel safe it is protected under the warranty and we your dealer, will tell you if there is anything to take care of.

Whether you choose the Premier or value range starting from £995.00, with all of those features and the safely of the Caldera brand, it has to be an easy choice, with easy delivery to Dorset & Hampshire areas.

Caldera Range

Caldera Spas range from £4,495 to £15,995 inc VAT.

Caldera Palatino Hot Tub



Caldera Marino Hot Tub



Caldera Makena Hot Tub



Caldera Cantabria Hot Tub



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